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VIO Bath Toys, Fish Pool Toys with Sounds for Kids, Toddlers, Baby, Scoop Net Bath and Fishing Toys (7Pcs) (Color - Green)

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Style: Color - Green

  • Color - Green
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Features: Fish Pool Toys with Sounds: These toys likely include fish-shaped items that are designed to float in water and produce sounds. The sounds can add an element of fun and... Read more

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  • Fish Pool Toys with Sounds: These toys likely include fish-shaped items that are designed to float in water and produce sounds. The sounds can add an element of fun and entertainment to bath time, making it a more engaging and enjoyable experience for young children.
  • Interactive Play: The combination of floating toys and sound effects can encourage interactive play. Children can explore the toys, listen to the sounds they make, and even create their own imaginative scenarios during bath time.
  • Scoop Net and Fishing Toys: The inclusion of a scoop net and fishing toys suggests that this set allows kids to engage in fishing-like activities during their bath. This interactive play can help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity.
  • Safe for Bath Time: Bath toys are typically designed with materials that are safe for water and suitable for use in wet environments. They are often made from non-toxic materials and are easy to clean.
  • Engaging for Various Ages: The set's variety of toys and interactive elements can engage children of different ages, from babies to toddlers. The colorful designs and water play can capture the attention of young ones.
  • Educational Value: Bath time can be an opportunity for learning as well. These toys can be used to introduce concepts like floating and sinking, colors, shapes, and even basic cause-and-effect relationships (e.g., the sound a toy makes when it's squeezed).
  • Encourages Water Comfort: Some children may have reservations about water or bath time. Bath toys like these can help create positive associations with water and make bath time a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.
  • Safety and Age-approriate Use: When choosing bath toys for children, it's important to consider safety. Ensure that the toys are age-appropriate, free of small parts that could be a choking hazard, and made from materials that are suitable for water play. Always supervise children during bath time and choose toys that align with their developmental stage and interests.


The VIO Baby Bath Series Toy features of a set of bath toys designed for small children, Babies, Toddlers. The toys are made of food-grade ABS and PVC, which are considered safe materials for children. The edges of the toys are smooth to ensure safety during play. The soft rubber of the baby water toys serves as a protective layer for babies, preventing harm during playtime. Additionally, the soft texture of the material enhances the child's sense of touch, providing a sensory experience. These interactive features are designed to make bath time more enjoyable for children. The set consists of seven bathtub toys, including a shark-shaped shovel and a fishing net. The toys have easy-to-grip handles, allowing children to hold and play with them comfortably. The six colorful and cute animal toys included in the set are the shark, dolphin, octopus, turtle, duck, and walrus. These water toys are designed with a convenient size that can be easily grasped by small hands. When placed in water, the toys can be pressed to spray water or make sounds, keeping children entertained during bath time. The bright colors and floating nature of the toys add to the visual appeal and engagement for kids. Overall, these bath toys offer a combination of safety, sensory stimulation, interactive features, and entertainment to make bath time a more enjoyable experience for children.

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