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VIO Round Burger Press, Patty Maker, Non-Stick Hamburger Meat Mold, Manual Meat Pie Press, Burger Meat Maker Tool, Non-Stick Design with Easy to Use Handle, Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Use. (Black)

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Color: Black

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Color: BlackFeatures: Key features of the VIO Round Burger Press: Non-Stick Design: The burger press is likely made with a non-stick coating, ensuring that the meat won't stick to the mold... Read more

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Color: Black


  • Key features of the VIO Round Burger Press:
  • Non-Stick Design: The burger press is likely made with a non-stick coating, ensuring that the meat won't stick to the mold when shaping the patties. This feature makes it easier to remove the formed patties without them falling apart.
  • Easy to Use Handle: The burger press typically comes with an easy-to-use handle. This handle helps you apply even pressure to the ground meat to create consistent patties. It also makes it more convenient to operate the tool.
  • Versatile Use: While it is primarily designed for making burger patties, the press may have other versatile uses. For example, you can use it to make meat pies or other dishes that require forming a circular shape from ground meat.
  • Easy to Clean: The product is made from high-quality ABS Plastic and is can be cleaned by handwashing or in a dishwasher.
  • Instructions for using the VIO Round Burger Press:
  • Prepare the Ground Meat: Season the ground meat as desired and mix it thoroughly to distribute the flavors evenly.
  • Fill the Burger Press: Open the burger press and place a portion of the seasoned ground meat into the mold, ensuring it's evenly distributed.
  • Flatten the Meat: Close the press and use the handle to apply pressure, compressing the ground meat into a compact patty shape.
  • Remove the Patty: Open the press and gently remove the formed patty. Due to the non-stick surface, the patty should come out easily without sticking to the mold.


The VIO Round Burger Press is a kitchen tool designed to help you create perfectly shaped and uniform burger patties. It is also known as a patty maker, non-stick hamburger meat mold, or manual meat pie press. The primary purpose of this tool is to streamline the process of forming hamburger patties from ground meat. With the VIO Round Burger Press, you can create consistent, perfectly shaped patties in a short amount of time. It's a handy tool for anyone who loves making homemade burgers or other dishes using ground meat. As with any kitchen tool, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and take proper care of the press to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

Package Dimensions: 0.5 x 0.2 x 0.5 inches

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