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    VIO Impulse Bag Sealer, Manual Poly Bag Sealing Machine w/Adjustable Timer Electric Heat Seal Closer (300 mm)

    Dhs. 0.00

    Color: ‎multi color Features: Sealing within 3 seconds with 12 inch impulse sealer, no warm up time needed. The sealing process is very simple. Just plug in the power and...

    VIO BPA-free Clear Plastic Egg Holder, Egg Container for Refrigerator - 14 Egg Container with Lid & Durable Handle, Plastic Egg Tray Holder for Refrigerator, Kitchen Organization, Stackable (1)

    Dhs. 0.00

    Features: Maximize storage space: 13.5 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches. Keep your eggs safe and secure with the VIO egg holding tray, which stores 14 eggs in separate sections....

    VIO Floor Mop with Bucket, Flexible Kitchen tap Flat Squeeze Cleaning Supplies 360° Flexible Mop Head, 2 Reusable Pads Clean Home Floor Cleaner (Green)

    Dhs. 0.00

    Features: Hands free self-squeeze: Keep your hands from dirt, innovative straight washing and drying system makes washing and squeezing more easily. High quality: Super microfiber mop pad, stainless-steel pole, PP...

    VIO Handled Fridge Storage Bins, Food Storage plastic Containers Jars and Container Easy Snap Lids & Kitchen Organization (2)

    Dhs. 0.00

    Features: Set of 2 large plastic storage bins for use in kitchen, pantry, refrigerator, and more Front handle for easy removal from contained areas Store dry goods, refrigerated food, utensils,...

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